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Stylish London Flatshares for Professionals

Flatshares made of professionals will generally work quite differently from student flatshares. Office hours, a more hectic lifestyle,  less time for leisure, hobbies or parties: whilst professionals living together will also want to live with flatmates they really get on with, and with whom ...Read More

Beautiful London Flatshares

Living in a flatshare doesn’t need to be hard work. It doesn’t have to mean sharing a dirty bathroom, a messy kitchen, or dealing with your flatmates’ noise. Flatsharing as a lifestyle With flatsharing in London continuing to be on the rise owing to the housing shortage and increasing rents, ...Read More

The Housing Crisis that Never Was?

We read about the housing crisis everyday in the press. Shortage of homes, population growth, rising rents and house prices, first time buyers getting priced out of the market. The consequence of this? Less home ownership, the emergence of the so-called Generation Rent (young people who ...Read More

Right to Rent Guide for Landlords

Since February 1st 2016, residential landlords in England are required to perform immigration checks to make sure that potential tenants comply with the new Right to Rent scheme. The scheme is intended to ensure that only tenants with a legitimate right to live, study, ...Read More