Finding the right flatmate is hard. We all know that.

Why do you scroll endlessly through property listings with little idea who you could end up living with?

Why do you waste time going to viewings to meet people you have no personal chemistry with?

Worst of all when you move into your new home and all those annoying habits surface, you either suffer in silence, make your friends lives a misery, or end up going through the whole flatshare search again!

We’re on a mission to make your flatsharing life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

Stuart and Stephan left careers in professional and financial services, graduated from a Startup incubator and founded Wonego. We’ve been flatsharers and landlords so we know the pain you go through. We used techniques and knowledge from our past lives to develop an algorithm to match flatsharers based on your lifestyle and personality.

Rather than us telling you it works, we’ll leave it to our community.

In the 4 years of renting 2 rooms in our home, we find that Wonego offers the most personal, friendly and effective service – real value for money.

Claire M., Marble Arch

Use Wonego to find great flatmates and you’re not only saving your valuable time, you’re also finding compatible, like-minded people to take the stress out of your living arrangements so you can live your life. (ok, so we did tell you it works).