Hackney’s Americana Sweet Spot

A brilliant Americana treat, Hackney’s Café Miami offers a raving white hot chocolate and conversation spot for your lazy Sunday afternoon.


Have a peek at the sweet mix and match breakfast collection. Grilled grapefruit, American jam pop tarts and the almond milk porridge are expertly served to brighten your morning at a great value.

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The vibe is fresh, and the service extremely attentive. Surrounded by hip hop, R&B and a bright white interior, you can relax, bring a date, or enjoy a friendly catchup. Great for a casual yet classy morning routine.

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The Brunch & Munch menu is infused with classic American flavours. Fill your plate with sweetcorn waffles, fish finger tacos or divine Nutella filled pancakes. Add an oreo milkshake and you become a true Floridian.

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On top of the yum factor, the food is aesthetically unparalleled. Snap a shot of your creamy coffee or waffle burger and lend it to the café’s colorful Instagram.

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This sweet flavour spot is open every day but Monday until 5pm. Check it out at 24 Lower Clapton Road.

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