Get to Know our Community Members: Meet Alix

Source: Alix G.

Source: Alix G.

Meet our community members who have found the right home and flatmates with Wonego’s help. In this new series, they share their experience with you and tell you their very own story. 

Hi Alix, tell us a bit about you, where are you from and what brought you to London?

I am from France and came to London for a 6 month internship this Spring.

What do you love about London?

The diversity of things to do, this city never sleeps!


How did you hear about Wonego?

I was searching for a room to rent in London on the internet and I saw the website

Please tell us a bit more about you and your home’s story and flat hunting experience?

It was very easy to use, I got an email giving me the flatmate’s details, so it was very simple and quick. I was in France so I arranged a Skype meeting with the flatmates, Claire and George. I got to see the flat and meet them – that was the best part of the flat hunting and it made my choice easier!

As a flatmate, what would you expect from a live-in landlord or other flatmates you live with?

I would expect from my flatmate to respect my privacy but also interact with me.

I think a landlord should provide clear explanations about how the house works from the beginning so that there are no doubts!

So Wonego must have been helpful in knowing the personality and lifestyle of the other tenants?

Yes, I really like how Wonego works because the house I found was perfect for me! I would definitely recommend Wonego as it is a very safe, serious and efficient website.


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