Get to Know our Community Members: Meet Lizet

Meet our community members who have found the right home and flatmates with Wonego’s help. In this new series, they share their experience with you and tell you their very own story. 

Hi Lizet, tell us a bit about you, where is your house and when did you move in?

I live in West Hampstead and moved there in 2014.

What has been your best or worst experience living in a flatshare been?

My worst experience: one of the flatmates didn’t work and was being financially supported by his partner who also lived with us. He was very possessive of the common areas and did not allow anything personal in public places. He would steal our personal belongings when he found them in the common areas, and would then deny he was the one taking them!

And now with your current flatmate, how is it going?

We get on really well!

How do you socialise with your current flatmate?

After work and on weekends, if we’re both at home, we have dinner or lunch together. We share glasses of wine and sometimes go out together.

And what do you like about West Hampstead?

It’s beautifully surrounded by green spaces (Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath, as well as stunning houses that are well taken care of), and offers excellent options for commuting. Belsize Village, England’s Lane and Haverstock Hill all have great coffee shops, pubs and a few restaurants; Camden Town is walking distance away for a night out.

What do you expect from a flatmate?

I feel that being clean and respectful is essential. But being understanding and patient with your flatmate is also important.

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