The Science of Coffee

Coffee making is a science at Vagabond Coffee Roasters. More than a barista’s paradise, this flourishing café chain is a collective of coffee professionals who source beans from around the world and roast them in small 5kg batches to deliver the boldest and freshest flavours into your cup.

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You can browse Vagabond’s merchandise for top of the line coffee subscriptions and coffee gear. Vagabond is committed to building sustainable relationships with coffee growers around the world, offering incredible tastes from Ethiopian, Rwandan and Mexican beans.

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Try the popular Vagabond breakfast, featuring Bespoke Franconian sausage with bacon, black pudding, fried potatoes, re-fried beans, grilled tomatoes and fried eggs. Paired with the perfect cup of coffee, this meal takes you away altogether to the crisp, rustic countryside.

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The cafe’s passion for the art of coffee is reflected mainly in its spirited staff, who fill the place with life by bringing books and games for customers to enjoy—and even leaving drawings on the toilet wall to add a layer of spunk and humor to the Vagabond experience.

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The Vagabond story began in 2011, when the owners built their first coffee shop with their own hands from discarded materials and old wood. The first coffee bar and furnishings came from items used to prop up buildings as scaffolding. Today, you can find three incredible Vagabond cafes serving food, drink and coffee merchandise across London.

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The combination of quirkiness and hardcore professionalism makes this café far more than a pit stop. It is a place of genuine enjoyment for coffee connoisseurs and beginners alike. Share in their passion by catching the roasting process every Monday and Tuesday from 9am-5pm on 105 Holloway Road.

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