Stunning Dalston Flatshare with Guest Bedroom For Professional Female

Join two 29-year old professional women from France and Germany in this stunning homeshare between Dalston and Stoke Newington.

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The home is located in a three-level semi-detached house. Your elegant, modern double bedroom is full of light, and you will have an exceptionally large space to fill with your personality.

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You can invite visiting friends to stay in a cosy, warm guest room on the top floor.

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Christine and Leonie, the flatmates, work in dance and fashion. They are very friendly and enjoy socializing, getting a glass of wine or dinner, doing sports and going out. They are looking for a flatmate who wishes to make this house a home.

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The homeshare is perfect for someone who is sociable, honest and respects others’ space.

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The flatmates like to smoke in the kitchen, but make it a rule not to smoke while someone else is cooking or eating. Everyone in the household contributes to housework and cleaning, so the new flatmate should be tidy.

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Generally, the atmosphere in the house is lively and down-to-earth. Dalston Kingsland station is a 7 minute walk away, and the nearby bars, clubs, parks and shops offer plenty of amenities and entertainment.

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The flatmates love the area and wish to invite someone equally outgoing and passionate to complete the homeshare. The beautiful double room is available for an all inclusive rate of £800 in mid-October.

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